Kids Honey (Ghaya Premium)

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100% Organic & Natural Ghaya Premium Kids Honey

The Health Properties of Ghaya Premium Honey are now well known, Much research has been carried out on Australian honey. It has high antibacterial and antimicrobial activity and due to its high hydrogen peroxide level.

The use of honey as an alternative therapy to combat infection by antibiotic resistant organisms is gaining ground with new research confirming the medicinal benefits of the natural product.

Some of Ghaya’s Premium Honey benefits to kids:

– It gives them long lasting energy
– It contains needed vitamins and minerals
– It protects their liver from damage
– It helps wounds heal faster
– It calms down coughs
– Pesticides free
– Free of antibiotics or any other additives/sugars

We source the Premium Honey from local beekeepers in the north of Perth, Australia. The honey is 100% raw, just lightly filtered as to leave all the good stuff in it.


” Ghaya is created specifically for kids above the age of one “


Thank you for choosing Natural Jarrah Honey.

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