Honey is safe for consumption during pregnancy, and you can include it in your pregnancy diet unless your doctor suggests otherwise. If you are pregnant, know that it is safe for you because your gut can handle the bacteria in honey. The biggest concern with regards to consuming honey during pregnancy is ‘botulism’ – a rare but serious illness that is caused by contaminated honey containing Clostridium spores, a harmful bacteria. But the chances of being affected by them are less as your natural immune system can fight the infection. During pregnancy, there is no risk of these spores or its toxin affecting the foetus as the bacteria is stopped by the placenta. It doesn’t allow these harmful antigens to crossover and reach the baby, thus shielding him from any potential infection.

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Benefits of Honey During Pregnancy

1. Strengthens the immune system.

2. Helps ease a sore throat and cough.

3. Helps fight cold.

4. May help cure ulcers.

5. May provide relief from insomnia.

6. May help prevent allergies.

7. Promotes healthy scalp.

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