About Jarrah Honey

There is nothing quite like Jarrah Honey. It’s a natural healing honey that is highly prized around the world. Jarrah honey is produced by bees using the nectar from the jarrah tree. The Jarrah tree is only found in remote locations around Western Australia, and has only one flowering season once every two years. This means that it is a very rare honey to come by. All raw honey contains natural occurring enzymes that gives honey its antimicrobial properties. But Jarrah honey has one of the highest potencies of antimicrobial activity in the world. This is what makes it one of the most sort after honeys in the world.

Antimicrobial & antifungal

The antimicrobial quality of Jarrah honey is measured by the term “total Activity (TA)” The TA is like a bacteria killing scale. The higher the TA the greater the antimicrobial strength of the honey.   Not all honey has the same level of antimicrobial power as Jarrah honey.  Because of this antifungal super power, Jarrah honey is used to help treat everything from skin infections and wounds to sore throats and coughs.


tree, jarrah, trunk

Eucalyptus Marginata, commonly known as Jarrah

It is estimated to be between 400 and 800 years old. Trees of such a great size and age are rare in and around the Perth metropolitan area, because of extensive logging of the area in the 19th century. The tree is in fairly poor condition: about three quarters of its canopy is dead or gone, and it is less than half its normal height due to lopping.

Jarrah Forest

Jarrah forest in Western Australia, where Jurrah Honey comes from.

Jarrah Blossom

Jarrah generally flowers every two years, usually from December through to January in the early summer.

Usages of Jarrah honey





Cell Regeneration

Jarrah honey helps stimulate the regeneration of skin cells, enhances collagen production, improves skin elasticity and fights acne

Stomach Germ

Jarrah honey fights the stomach germ (the H. pylori bacterium) that causes mouth ulcers and an unpleasant smell. It is also a great solution to heartburn.

Wound Dressing 

Jarrah can be used in medical dressing to help kill bacteria in infected wounds or burns.  It also help by providing a physical barrier to bugs entering the wound. Apply directly to the wound.  Can be used on humans and animals

Coughs and colds

A spoonful of RAW Jarrah Honey mixed in warm water helps to soothe the pain of sore throats and eases irritating coughs. 

Mouth Ulcers

Rolling a spoonful of RAW Jarrah Honey around the mouth for a few moments can help to ease the sting caused by mouth ulcers

Antioxidant Drink

Put a spoonful of pure Jarrah Honey in a cup of hot water and sip.  This is equivalent to one serve of an antioxidant

Low GI

Jarrah honey has a lower glucose level than other honeys (it is higher in fructose).  And therefore can be suitable in moderation for people with diabetes (consult your doctor first).  For this reason Jarrah honey also takes longer to crystallise than other honeys that are generally higher in glucose.


Studies have proven that Jarrah honey is an effective and very efficient for the body’s immune system

Jarrah and Cancer

As stated by the National Cancer Institute in Australia, foods that have high levels of antioxidants fight free radicals that attack healthy cells and therefore that high levels of antioxidants in Jarrah honey can reduce the risk of cancer

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