Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does it take for delivery?
  • Regular delivery 1 to 3 days
  1. How do I know my honey is really raw?
  • Raw honey will set; sometimes fast!  Cold temperatures and variety determine how fast.  This is because the sugars have not been modified by heat. We pack no raw honey mid-winter – it’s all set in jars that have been packed in summer.  So, beware of honey that’s runny all year round (unless it’s Jarrah).
  1. What is the highest TA we supply?
  • The highest TA honey rate we supply is 62 and that is for Certified Raw Jarrah Blackbutt Honey.
  1. How do we guarantee the honey’s authenticity?
  • We as NJH took it into our own hands to register the company in the UAE with all the licenses & Documents.
    • Lab Tests
    • International Documentation
    • All VALID licenses
    • All papers providing the product’s original source and components
  • You may want to visit our website – – About – Certificates – and explore all our licenses, certificates and lab test reports of all honey verities.
  1. What do I do if I get a bee sting?
  • Move away from the bee/bees calmly. Remove the sting/s quickly by scraping it out with a butter knife or credit card.  Try not to disturb the venom sack.  Put honey on the sting to make it stop hurting.
  1. Is there a website where I can put in the products barcode, and it provides me with source?
  • we are the packaging company & authorized trading registered company. The product’s Code/serial number/ is a joint venture between the supplier & US.
  1. How are you guys verified?
  • Each of our product is verified by Dubai Municipality, any unnatural addition to the labelling/packaging is not allowed. We get questions about the nutrition data & all information on the package. We carry and provide all proofs. We as NJH follow food import requirements implemented by Food Safety Department of Dubai Municipality.
  1. What if I am not satisfied with the information you are providing me and I want more evidence?
  • The Best answer is: TRY our product please, lab test it and compare it to other similar products in the market as we are very confident and happy about what we are offering.
  1. Umm … I checked your website. I need to see more abroad licenses and certifications?
  • We apologize we will only identify the packing company; any other information is limited due to our policy and in terms of confidentiality. We can’t have you going somewhere else.
  1. Is jarrah really better than Manuka?
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